Literacy and Math

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These topics will be covered during December:

  • Tell others about celebrations they have.
  • Discuss and write notes about the tasks need to be done for a celebration.
  • Role-play getting ready for a celebration.
  • Listen to instructions.
  • Read instructions.
  • Speak clearly and precisely when giving instructions.
  • Use time words in instructions.
  • Know that instructions tell them how to do something.
  • Know the main features of instruction text.
  • Answer questions about a text.
  • Add suffixes and prefixes to words.
  • Make unclear sentences more clear.
  • Use capital letters and full stops.
  • Read texts carefully and look for information in them.
  • Use the information to answer questions about the text.
  • Write a recipe using a template and features they have identified in other instruction texts.
  • List the features of instructions.
  • Use these features in writing their own instructions
  • Check and change their text to make sure that all the features are used correctly.
  • These topics will be covered during December:

    1.     Subtract mentally a 3-digit number and 10s, solve missing number problems.

    2.     Subtract mentally a 3-digit number and 100s.

    3.     Solve problems and reason mathematically.

    4.     Find right angles in 2-D shapes.

    5.      Give and follow instructions to make turns.

    6.     Test whether an angle is greater than or less than a right angle.

    7.     Count in multiples of 4.

    8.     Recall the multiplication and division facts for the multiplication table.

    9.     Use doubling to recall the 4 multiplication table.

    10.  Multiply a tens number by 4.

    11.  Write a multiplication statement that matches a division statement.