January working letter:

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These topics will be covered during January:

  • Hear rhyme and rhythm in poems..
  • Read poems aloud with expression.
  • Split compound words into parts.
  • Identify long vowel sounds in words.
  • Break words down to read them and build them up again.
  • Comment on the words and sounds in a poem they have read.
  • Talk about the choice of words in poems.
  • Understand speech marks in writing.
  • Take on the roles of different characters in a poem.
  • Read a poem with expression, making it clear when different characters are speaking.
  • Follow a pattern to create a new poem.
  • Use the idea from one poem to create a new poem.
  • Re-read a poem they have written aloud and correct and improve it.
  • Practise joining letters and form their letters correctly..

These topics will be covered during January:

1-   Count in multiples of 8.

2-   Recall the multiplication and division facts for the 8 multiplication table.

3-   Use doubling to recall the 8 multiplication table.

4-   Multiply tens number y 8.

5-   Solve word problem and reason mathematically.

6-   Tell and write the time to the minute on a 12-hour clock with hands.

7-   Use a time line and the vocabulary of time.

8-   Estimate and measure time in minutes.

اللغة العربية:

القراءة: تنمية مهارات القراءة الحرة

التعبير: كتابة قصة باستخدام الوصف و استراتيجية تعميق الفكرة و عناصر القصة

الاملاء: قطعة خارجية ليست في المنهج

الاساليب: مراجعة كل ما تم دراسته من (ال الشمسية و القمرية-المدود-التنوين و غيرها)


سيرة الرسول صلى الله عليه و سلم