May Working Letter

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These topics will be covered during May:

  • Identify all the features of poem.
  • Discuss the poem's idea and the poet's feelings.
  • Write many sentences to describe their class using as many adjectives as possible.
  • Discuss the idea behind a poem.
  • Point out the features in any poem.
  • Read out a poem with different feelings.
  • Write a poem in the style of a taken poem.
  • Identify all the proper nouns and know what is special about them.
  • Express ideas using growing vocabulary.
  • Describe a movement of a creature.
  • Write a poem describing the movement of a creature in a setting of their own choice.
  • Maths

    These topics will be covered during May:

  • 1.    Subtract fractions within one whole.

    2.  Recognise equivalent fractions.

    3.   Recognise equivalent fractions using a fraction wall.

    4.  Calculate the perimeter rectangles in centimeters and in meters.

    5.  Using a ruler, draw and calculate the perimeter of rectangles.

    6.  Count on and back in multiples of 50 and 100. Find 100 more or less than a given number.

    7.  Measure and calculate the perimeter of 2D shapes to the nearest centimeters.

    8.  Compare and order numbers up to 1000.

    9.  Partition 3 digit numbers in various ways.

    10. Know the equivalent of  of 1 litre in milliliters.

    11. Know the equivalent of  of 1 litre in millilitres.

    12.  Read scales marked in liters and in milliliters to the nearest 100 ml.

    13.  Measure and compare capacities; use simple scaling of quantities and equivalents of mixed units.