September 2016

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These topics will be covered during September:

  • ·        Ice breaking (Know the home room teacher and their classmates)
  • ·        Knowing our community (Introduce the classroom rules and displays)
  • ·        Introducing themselves by writing (All about me sheet).
  • .       Revise  colours, food items and places.
  • ·        Know more about their teacher and talk about their summer vacation
  • ·        Write about the activities they did in their summer vacation
  • ·        Storytelling and discussion
  • ·     Read and comprehend some texts.

  •                                         Maths

    1-    Revise numbers from 0-100.

    2-   Revise the addition concept.

    3-   Revise numbers and present them on the number line.

    4-   Consolidate recognizing the value of each digit in a two-digit number (tens, ones). Represent numbers using base 10 material.

    5-   Consolidate partitioning two-digit numbers in varied ways. (tens, ones)

    6-   Recognizing the place value of each digit number (hundred, tens, ones)

    7-   Compare and order numbers up to 1000.