Reading Campaign

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Dear Parents & Students CP1, 2, 3

We are launching our reading campaign this year. It’s a marathon of reading where each child should start reading as much as he/she can in both English & Arabic.  In addition, we will have a class library to provide our students with a variety of books, so kindly send number of books (two to five) that are appropriate to your child age. The books will be borrowed by all students and returned back by the end of this term. Please label the book to keep track of them easily and make sure your child will read daily for at least 15 min. and then sign the reading log.

Prizes will be decided by the reading campaign committee according to the following pointing system:

Reading Log Sheet

(provided by their teacher)

Reading Activities

·      Make a list of words a phrases that you think are effective in making you want to keep reading the book

·      Draw a picture of your favorite part of the story and describe what you have drawn.

·      Do you think the little of the book is appropriate for the plot of the story? Think of 3 better titles.

·      Draw a picture of one of the settings in the story then write a description of where it is and what happened there.

·      Write down any new words you have found in your book and use a dictionary to record what each word mean.

·      Write down some facts you have learnt from reading this piece of non-fiction text.

·      Design a poster for the book you have read to persuade other people to read the story.

·      Book Review – give the book you have read marks out of ten and explain why you gave it that mark.

·      Find any 10 words in your book. Now put them into alphabetical order,

·      Which chapter or part of the story is the most important? Explain what happens in this section and why you like it.

·      Draw a large picture of one of the settings used in the book.

·      Draw a large picture of one of the setting used in the book. Label everything in the picture, using words and phrases from the book.

·      Which character in the story would you most like to be? Explain your answer.

·         Design another cover for the book.

·         Write another ending for the story.

·         Make a pictorial dictionary for a number of challenging words, write their meaning and use them in sentences.

·         Write a play script for part of the story and be ready to perform it with one of your friends.

Caught Reading

Students are caught reading during the day

ü Weekly Reading log sheet               20 pts

ü Reading Activities                       ranges from 5 to 20 pts

ü Caught Reading                          5 pts points